StarEyes Representative Project is an ongoing series of radical hospitality experiments. This project offers variety of services such as site-specific events, live demostrations, and tutorial video presentations. StarEyes Representative is a character who fulfills all expectations as an ideal model of today’s best customer service representative. Instead of providing services based on class and status, her duty is to provide "one world hospitality services" for the public. By following instructions, each participant will be served as a "First Class Customer/VIP," and will receive a complimentary item as a reward for their participation.

Projects include: StarEyes Carpooler Badge (2011), StarEyes Unlimited Greetings Name Badge (2011), StarEyes YOU ARE MY FIRST PRIORITY TAG (2012), StarEyes Name Exchange Service (2014), StarEyes Efficient Diner Demo (2015), Affirmation Handshake (2016)

Balloon Happening is an on going exploration of arbitrary individuals uniting as a group, participating in a communal activity, and engaging in the universal enchantment created by balloons.  




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