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A Little Dessert Survive

Started in 2007, A Little Desert Survive began as an episodic monthly one-page-only magazine initially published at the California Institute of the Arts. ALDS’s distribution was as a game of hide and seek appearing quietly on CalArts notice boards free for readers to take. ALDS contained all sorts of advertisements, writings, drawing, interviews, and reviews of art happenings. The general writings in ALDS have strong grammatical problems, misspellings, and accents that represent cultural and language mutation. By admitting its mistakes, ALDS has become a subject and also an object that allows fragments, awkwardness, and cynical thoughts to alter into positive understanding and appreciation.
 ALDS’s mission is to reinforce humans’s sincerity and honesty, to encourage others to stay engaged in a positive viewpoint of lives, and/or to re-appreciate/allow little mistakes to make us smile, "Although one life may not be long enough to complete a lifelong project, for now, we can at least let a little dessert survive!"


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